Tour Circuits

Explore Nevers and the its surroundings Take a stroll through the old districts, admiring and contemplating the cultural and natural heritage in a fun, educational way.

Pedestrian trail

If you look down, you will most certainly notice a blue line running down the pavement and the road. Follow it and you will discover our rich heritage through 2 loop tours. The first one takes to the Saint Martin and Saint Etienne districts, the other one leads you to the former earthenware makers district. Throughout your walk, lecterns and panels will show you the sights of the town and tell you its secrets.


The Goutte d'Eau (drop of water) circuit in Pougues les Eaux

Equipped with a smartphone or tablet, connected to the internet, take a tour of the town and discover 6 remarkable sites. Each one can be identified by a plaque with a QR code. Each QR code links you to various content, such as photos, unseen videos, testimonies, texts, etc. 2.5km circuit – Allow: 1 hour 45 mins.


The Cité Jardin (garden town) of Varennes-Vauzelles

Unique case because of its shape but especially by its design, the garden town of ‘the good lady of the elm' was created thanks to the architect Georges Hennequin who worked on its design, incorporating the ideas of Colonel Rimailho. No fewer than 350 houses (for 587 dwellings) were be built in 8 phases between 1920 and 1931. Coupled with its collective facilities, which were numerous for the time, it simultaneously offered its residents, colleagues, neighbours and friends, an almost village like community, constituting an autonomous site… surrounded by fields.

A key element in the expansion of the town, without which Varennes-Vauzelles would certainly have remained Varennes-les-Nevers, the garden town has managed to move through time keeping its individual characteristics and architecture and constitutes an important element of French urbanism that is still largely unknown, just waiting to be discovered.

Ze Visit Audio Guide

An integral audio guide which you can download free of charge to your smartphone. Set off on a discovery of the town, follow the directions and you will get to know all the secrets and the anecdotes of Nevers!