Our commitments

As we are committed to satisfying you as best as possible, the Tourist Information Office is engaged in various actions to meet your expectations, whether you are customers, traders, service providers or partners.

The Intercommunal Tourist Office
of the Nevers Region

Quality commitment :

The Intercommunal Tourist Office of the Nevers Region is classified in category II. This classification, composed of 3 categories (category 1 being the highest category) is issued by the Ministry of Tourism for a period of 5 years and guarantees a quality of service for tourists and visitors.

It includes different criteria, such as the opening hours, the languages ​​spoken by the advisers, the translation of the documentation and the website, or the presence on social media. Qualité Tourisme is a brand that brings together the rigorous quality approaches undertaken by the tourism professionals, whose objective is to provide the quality of the service to satisfy the customer.

Our commitments:

1) Obtain the Qualité Tourisme Mark and organise the team's work around this project.

2) Create an annual action plan with qualified priority targets to promote the destination and partner offers.

3) Offer expert advice to all those who have dealings with the Tourist Office (visitors, service providers, elected representatives). More than just a welcome, we are committed to having a personalised relationship by giving pertinent advice. Satisfaction with the Tourist Office services can be measured through satisfaction questionnaires, and also on customer opinion sites.

4) Allow visitors, wherever they are, to easily access reliable and up-to-date tourist information.

5) Continuously improve the team's skills in the Tourist Office with the help of training.

6) Improve relationships with our service providers, understand their needs during personalised meetings, information meetings, workshops on various topics, make regular visits to understand the tourist offer in the destination.

7) Make quality a unifying move for the whole team. Have the desire to always improve, to question oneself, to self-evaluate, in order to offer the best possible service

8) Encourage our service providers to enter into the process and obtain the Qualité Tourisme mark to bring the Nevers region to the forefront as a ‘quality destination'.

Ecological Commitment

Waste sortingwww.agglo-nevers.net/preserver-recycler-2/dechets/nevers-agglomeration-et-les-dechets/


Commitment for a category 2 classification:

The Intercommunal Tourist Office of the Nevers Region is a member of the network of Tourist Information Offices of France and is committed to:

Mutualisons avec nos collègues OT voisins : Bourges, Moulins, Autun.

Unissons nous pour donner envie à nos clients touristes et locaux d'aller un peu plus loin,à la découvertes de 3 autres territoires voisins de Nevers remplis de richesses à découvrir.
Office de Tourisme d'Autun
Office de tourisme de Bourges
Office de tourisme de Moulins