The Specialities

Our mouthwatering specialities are as varied as they are delicious! And the drinks here leave nothing to be desired: our craftsmen brew up the most exquisite and refreshing beers.

The Négus: The Négus is a soft caramel chocolate coated with a sugar syrup. It was created in 1902 by the Maison Grelier following the official visit to Nevers of the ruler of Ethiopia: the Négus. Indeed it was customary at the end of each year to create a new sweet which was named after an event or something notable that had taken place during the year.

It is on sale at: Confiserie Au Négus 

Nougatine: Nougatine was invented more than a century ago by Jean-Louis Bourumeau. It was the Empress Eugenie who was responsible for its success. Having discovered the sweet during an official visit to Nevers with her husband, the Emperor Napoleon III, she ordered large quantities on her return and introduced Nougatine to all of Paris.

It is on sale at: Etablissement Desenne / the Tourist Information Office shop

Les Pavés de la route Bleue, The Paving Stones of the Blue Road: Created as a tribute to the N7 motorway,this little praline made of hazelnuts, milk chocolate and nougatine will surely make you melt!

They are on sale at: Les Craquants du Val de Loire

The Faïençon:Small macaroon-shaped chocolates with an ivory coating with the dominant colour of Nevers earthenware and topped with a hazelnut almond praline with caramelised, crystallised cocoa bean chips

They are on sale at: Pâtisserie A la tentation  

Bière artisanale Bio “Ôlieu” : ÔLIEU est une brasserie artisanale bio installée en centre ville et utilisant du malt français bio (Bourgogne, Centre, Ardèche), du houblon bio (Alsace, Belgique, Allemagne) et des levures sans OGM.

Où la trouver : à la boutique de l'Office de Tourisme 

Bière Duc'ale: it is also called ‘Nevers Beer', blonde, slightly golden, with 7% ABV. There are 8 other beers to discover at the Rur'ale!

Find them at:  La Rur'ale – M. Robiche 

Mont Givre Beer: This is Pougues' Number 1 speciality! Blonde, pale, dark, amber or Christmas – this beer is 100% local!

Find them at: Brasserie le Mont Givre – M. Lajon

1 • Confiserie Au Négus

96 Rue François Mitterrand 58000 Nevers

Tél. : 03 86 38 20 82

2 • Office de Tourisme

4 Rue Sabatier 58000 Nevers

Tél. : 03 86 68 46 00

3 • Les Craquants du Val de Loire

ZA Les Bardebouts

Route de Chateauneuf 58150 Pouilly-Sur-Loire

Tél. : 03 86 39 0967

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4 • Pâtisserie A La Tentation

24 rue de Nièvre 58000 Nevers

Tél. : 03 86 61 09 28

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5 • Denis Lechopier - Brasserie "Ôlieu"

40 Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier 58000 Nevers

Tél. : 06 60 45 41 34

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6 • M. Robiche -Brasserie la Rur'ale

Route des champs de pierre


58320 Parigny-Les-Vaux

Tél. : 06 50 66 70 01

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7 • M. Lajon - Brasserie du Mont Givre

Brasserie du Mont Givre

Rue des Petites Fontaines 58320 Pougues-Les-Eaux

Tél. : 06 60 49 21 21

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